V.I.E Grand Prix Entreprises: we were a part of it

V.I.E Grand Prix Entreprises: we were a part of it

Every two years, Business France and the Australian branch of CCEF (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France) organize a V.I.E Grand Prix, a competition to highlight and reward outstanding candidates of the V.I.E program (French: Volontariat International en Entreprise). This year, hundreds of candidates entered the race for the 8th edition of the Grand Prix, including some of our current 50 V.I.E volunteers at ALTEN. Each V.I.E could volunteer to enter the competition by submitting a self-made video. The goal is to award three inspiring projects by young professionals doing a Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) in Germany.

ALTEN sponsored the 1st place winner with 2,000 euros in prize money. The winners were selected on the basis of their personal presentation, their integration in their respective companies and countries (involvement in the company and in the community, interpersonal communication), their professional performance (objectives achieved, proactivity) and their role in general (degree of initiative, autonomy, management skills and influence in the company).

V.I.E Grand Prix Entreprises

In addition to the V.I.E Grand Prix for individual V.I.E volunteers, there is also a V.I.E Grand Prix for companies. In the V.I.E Grand Prix Entreprises, French companies working with V.I.E’s have the opportunity to be recognized as the best V.I.E company worldwide. In order to win, an application video presenting the company as a V.I.E employer must be sent to the jury, consisting of members of the foreign trade agency Business France and the Australian division of the CCEF (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France). We, as ALTEN Group, have also applied in this way in order to measure ourselves in an international context.

In a virtual award ceremony 8 winners were chosen. We congratulate all this year’s winners and were pleased to have been part of the V.I.E Grand Prix Entreprise! Of course, it is our incentive to continue to support aspiring, ambitious professionals in the future and thus to occupy one of the top places in the future.