Employee Interview – Business Management

About James Cunningham

James Cunningham joined ALTEN Technology in 2017 as an Engineering Consultant and is now Coaching Business Manager since December 2019. The native Brit gained first-hand engineering expertise at Airbus through various positions in quality and systems engineering after completing his bachelor’s degree in aerospace. His affinity for business development was further strengthened by his experience as a business analyst. In addition, his early engineering experience combined with his sales and analytical skills made him the perfect fit for our business management team. Now he was able to win another well-known customer for ALTEN: Rolls Royce.

ALTEN Technology and Rolls Royce

The British car manufacturer was founded in 1884 to build and sell electrical equipment. Today, Rolls-Royce is a leading global manufacturer of propulsion systems and is represented in Germany by its three divisions: Civil Aviation, Defence and Power Systems. The Dahlewitz site near Berlin is the primary development centre for the twin-shaft propulsion system.

The collaboration between ALTEN North and Rolls Royce started at the end of 2020 as a transnational project with the participation of ALTEN UK. ALTEN North supports Rolls Royce in various areas, such as Engineering Operations, Engineering for Services or as a development and test team. At the end of July, 18 full-time positions had already been filled, some of them as system engineers within Rolls Royce or in the Verification & Validation team. However, the business also focuses on other areas such as repair and maintenance intervals.

Challenges and a look into the future

As the name “ALTEN” was rather unknown at Rolls Royce so far, it was important to position the company as a professional development partner from the very beginning. One challenge that arose from the cross-national cooperation with ALTEN UK was to create new synergies in order to become more efficient and competitive together. This was achieved through close cross-border exchange and the adaptation of processes. Our Airbus-specific expertise also had to be made available to Rolls Royce first. We mastered all of this brilliantly and are delighted to have Rolls Royce as a new customer in our portfolio!

For the future, new programs are already on the horizon at Rolls Royce Germany. There are excellent opportunities to expand our presence at RRG, especially in the areas of test and system design. Rolls Royce Germany is also looking to introduce more digitalization tools into its processes, and ALTEN can support with its many years of experience in this area. For the future, new ALTEN offices in Berlin will strengthen our presence. Two Cluster Leaders have also been appointed, further strengthening the work contract structure.

We are excited to see what innovative projects are waiting for us in the future!


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