ALTEN wins 1st ZF Hackathon

At the first ZF Open Source Mobility Hackathon, the ALTEN team, with members from the UK, Brazil, Hong Kong, India and Kenya, achieved the first place.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which is the most influential tech event in the world, they beat a total of 170 participants from 20 countries. In just 48 hours, they developed an innovative concept entitled “Emergencies in Smart Cities”. After reviewing the final teams’ contributions, the jury of 10 judges chose the idea of ALTEN UK Innovation Lab as the best one.

The concept allows emergency vehicles to reach accident scenes faster through intelligent traffic management, and thus provide real benefits in emergencies. It will be possible by means of automatic traffic signals and an adapted infrastructure for emergency vehicles.

As the winner of the competition, the ALTEN team will receive 10,000 US dollars and will also receive commercialisation support from ZF. Due to the combination of open source elements such as Traci (Traffic Control Interface), Sumo (Simulation of Urban Mobility) and Open Street Map, the concept fits very well with ZF’s product orientation.


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