Employee Interview – Working Student Business Management

Your entry

How did you come to ALTEN? In which position did you start?

I found the job advertisement quite classically on the Internet and applied for it. A few days later, I received a call from a member of the recruiting team and started one month later as a student trainee in business management.

How did you feel about the application process? What steps did you have to go through?

The application process was very pleasant for me. After a friendly preliminary meeting with recruiting and the people in charge in Dortmund, I was invited to a personal interview where my future work colleagues explained my tasks. Since the overall package convinced me, I signed the employment contract right away.

Why did you choose ALTEN?

I was looking for a part-time job in which I could apply the content from my studies in practice. Additionally, it was very important that I still have enough time and flexibility for my studies. ALTEN makes all this possible for me.

When you think back to your first week at work. What did you experience here?

On my first day of work, I was greeted by very nice colleagues. Since ALTEN allows many employees in the Corona Pandemic to work on the move, it was then very quiet in the office for the next few weeks. Nevertheless, my colleagues did everything they could to make my start as pleasant and easy as possible. I then got to know the systems of the ALTEN network via the ALTEN training center, where everything is explained very clearly using videos. Of course, if I had any questions, I could still contact my colleagues at any time.

Your work

What was your first task and what projects are you working on today?

My first task was to create a technical profile. In particular, I was shown some tricks in Microsoft Word that I didn’t know before. Today, I work with almost all of my colleagues and help with various tasks that arise in the course of their projects. My main task is to find suitable employees in the applicant management system, who the colleagues can then hire for their projects.

What is the goal of your projects? What challenges do you face?

The main challenge in finding suitable employees is to look in detail whether a profile really fits our project. It doesn’t help to just look at the tools and competencies, because just because someone can simulate with Matlab, for example, doesn’t mean that he or she can also do model-based development with Matlab. In order to recognize such subtleties, you have to take a close look at the person’s curriculum vitae.

What does a typical working day look like for you (schedule, working hours, contacts, etc.)?

My working day starts at 8 o’clock. The first thing I do is check whether there are enough drinks in the conference rooms, fill them up and order new ones if necessary. Then I check my e-mails and take care of whatever has come up. During the day, colleagues contact me with their various needs, so there’s always something to do. At 12 o’clock we have lunch together (if the Corona situation allows it) and around 5 or 6 p.m. I head home, depending on what still needs to be done that day.

Which tasks do you like the most in your work – and why?

From time to time we get foreign consultants who I help to get started in Germany. I help them get health insurance, organize registration with the city and make sure they get a German bank account. There is a bit of German bureaucracy to deal with, but the consultants are always very friendly and open-minded people and you feel like you are really helping them.

ALTEN as an employer

Why do you recommend joining a development service provider? What advantages do you appreciate at ALTEN?

For working students, a position at a development service provider is particularly exciting because you get a very good insight into many areas of the industry. If you are also looking for very nice colleagues and a good working atmosphere, ALTEN is the right place for you.

I also really appreciate the fact that I can combine my studies and work at ALTEN so easily. I am free to choose the days and times I work, and even last-minute changes do not cause any problems.

What has been your personal highlight at ALTEN so far?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I have not yet been able to participate in any major company event. However, it is always nice when we go out for lunch with all our colleagues or order something.

Your free time / You in private

What is characteristic for you in your private life? What are your hobbies & interests?

When I am not out with my friends, I like to do sports. I am interested in quite a lot of sports: soccer, football, basketball, … There is always a game going on somewhere, so you never get bored.


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