Employee Interview – Engineering Consultant

1. Nadja, please tell us something about yourself.

I would love to! My name is Nadja Krauss, I am 30 years old, originally from Moscow, where I also completed my diploma studies in Metallurgy and Quality Management. In 2013, I moved to Germany for my second degree in Master’s in Industrial Engineering. So I have been living in Germany for 8 years.

2. What do you like about Germany?

I feel comfortable and in good hands here. I have the feeling that I can show myself as I am without having to pretend. I like the mentality of the people here. Many things are simply addressed directly and honestly, which I find very valuable. I also like that many Germans like to plan and that’s why you can make binding weekly plans. I like that and much more. I feel that I fit in well here and have found my home in Germany.

3. How did you come to ALTEN?

Absolutely by chance. I didn’t read a job description carefully and didn’t know I was applying to an engineering service provider. But a perfect position was found for me directly at the customer’s, and I received an acceptance letter for it after five minutes. I immediately understood that chance had helped me to a happy outcome.

4. What project are you currently working on and what are your tasks?

I am currently working in the area of Procurement Quality. My tasks include, for example, coordinating with suppliers and development with regard to individual components in order to ensure that suppliers can produce and supply us with the component in a suitable quality.

5. What has been your most valuable job experience so far?

It’s hard to say because in just 3 years I have gained so much valuable experience at large and well-known companies such as Daimler, Porsche and Bosch. I would say that my first job as a Reliability Engineer at Daimler through ALTEN was my most valuable experience. Firstly, Daimler was my absolute dream, secondly, I loved my job immensely and thirdly, I liked the challenging job, the team leaders, the team…everything was just a perfect fit and I gained a lot of experience and memories and experienced very nice emotions.

6. And your biggest challenge?

There were a few: to complete a degree in German, which I only learned 2 years before moving. Learning new subjects as quickly as possible to be on par with other colleagues. Make tough decisions in life to achieve goals. Understanding myself well, getting out of my comfort zone. Learning to set my personal boundaries and not being afraid of change.

7. What are you grateful for?

I am grateful to everyone – my colleagues, my business manager, my friends and family – for their support and advice.

8. Your tip to new colleagues?

Don’t be afraid or doubtful! Just listen to your feeling!


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