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ALTEN is pursuing specific goals at the increasingly important technology location in the Ruhr area: growth, progress and innovation

Living & working

Dortmund is more than just the largest city in the Ruhr area. The former heavy industry centre has developed into an important location for science and technology. Since the summer of 2018, ALTEN GmbH has been established here with about 40 employees in the district of Innenstadt-West with the goal of further growth.

A cafeteria, a bakery and a grocery store are within a ten-minute walk. There is also a restaurant in the house.


The location can be easily reached by car as well as by public transport. From the A1 motorway it is only a few minutes’ drive to the office and parking spaces are available on site.

The nearest underground stations are Polizeipräsidium and Westfalenhallen. They are only a five-minute walk away.

Interesting facts & free time

The densely populated Ruhr region presents itself with a distinct cultural landscape, a variety of leisure activities, and an eventful nightlife. In addition, almost half of Dortmund consists of green areas and forests. The man-made Phoenix Lake is highly popular providing opportunity to relax or engage in sports activities.

Dortmund is ideal for the logistics industry because of its geographical location and excellent transport connections. In addition, plant and mechanical engineering are still among the most important economic sectors.


Rheinlanddamm 199
44139 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 49498410

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