Below you will find answers to the questions that are most frequently asked about application and career at ALTEN:

Getting started

Unsolicited applications are expressly welcome. Please send us your application using the speculative application form only.

Yes. ALTEN is an international company. Highly qualified employees from more than 50 nations are working here – and not everybody graduated in Germany. Just search for your dream job in our job board and check, if you bring along the necessary requirements. Another attractive option to start at ALTEN is the voluntary program V.I.E.

The volontary program V.I.E (french: Volontariat International en Entreprise) was initiated by the french agency of foreign trade Business France and allows to work abroad up to 2 years. We have put together additional information on the page voluntary program V.I.E.

We regulary cooperate with foreign-language partners and customers. This is why a good English can be advantageous. Additional language skills are welcome at any time. Depending on the project other or more languale skills are required. If a specific language skill is needed, this will be mentioned in the particular job offer.

What matters to us is your enthusiasm and commitment. In the course of our multi-stage application process you have the opportunity to demonstrate your suitability. Our needs and your personal profile determine whether you are a right fit for our team. Take a closer look at our job board or send us your speculative application.

Application & Jobs

Please use our online application form, which you will find in every job offer by clicking on the “Apply” button. Or submit your speculative application. It takes about 5 minutes to complete our online application form. The job offer on our job board will list the contact person. Send your application to them. Please understand that we cannot accept applications by post or via our contact form.

All job listings on our website are vacancies. As soon as we make a decision about hiring someone, we take down the listing from the website and application is no longer possible.

The job listing states the location. If several locations are specified, we are looking for new employees for each of the listed locations. In such cases, please indicate your preferred place of work in your cover letter.

No, you only need to apply to one job at one location. Just tell us about your mobility and willingness to travel in the “Cover Letter/Comments” field of the online application form.

Multiple applications are generally possible, but you do not have to apply separately for each job. When applying for a job, only enter the reference numbers of all other vacancies that are of interest to you, as well as the exact job title in the field “Cover Letter/Comments” of the online application form. We will take that into account.

If you apply via our online application form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt to the email address you provided. If you do not receive a confirmation, your application was either unsuccessful or the confirmation email was blocked as spam due to your security settings. Please check your spam folder first. If you cannot find an email there, please contact the recruiter listed in the job description

Yes. On our Job Board you have the option to save every job to your watch list. Simply click on the star icon. If a position is saved in the watch list, you will recognise this by the yellow star. All saved jobs are stored in the watch list for 90 days, depending on the device. However, if you delete the cookies on your device, this deletes the watch list. You also have the option of deselecting the marked positions at any time. If a job is no longer available, you will be notified.

The protection of your personal data is our highest priority. The secure transmission of your data and compliance with data protection regulations is of course ensured. More about privacy can be found in our privacy note.

Online application form

If the online application is temporarily unavailable due to a technical problem, please accept our apologies. We will be automatically informed about the problem and will try to fix it quickly. Please try again later. If the error still occurs, please contact us and describe as accurately as possible the problems and error messages. Information about your computer configuration (operating system and browser) is also helpful.

Depending on your internet connection, an upload may take several minutes. Please check if your document is less than 4 MB and in the correct file format:  pdf, doc, docx, jpeg or png.
If the error still occurs, please contact us and describe as accurately as possible the problems and error messages. Information about your computer configuration (operating system and browser) is also helpful.

Please check whether you have filled in all required fields marked * in the application form correctly and uploaded at least one attachment. If you still cannot submit your application, please contact us and describe as accurately as possible problems and error messages. Information about your computer configuration (operating system and browser) is also helpful.

Application documents

In order to assess your application, we need your contact details as well as your CV and current certificates, at a minimum. To be on the safe side, complete the online application form and upload your documents as an attachment (ideally summarized in a PDF).

It is important for us to understand your experience and expectations. Make sure that your cover letter is not too detailed.

Application process

Once the recruitment team received your application, they will review it promptly and decide if you are qualified for an interview. We try to keep the waiting time as short as possible. If you have not heard from us after a few weeks, feel free to contact us!

We use the application process to get to know you as well as possible. That’s why you will have different exchanges with Recruiters / Business Managers / Technical Managers.  The goal is to assess your ability for the position and your soft and hard skills, but also to understand your expectation in an objective way. The first interview can take place by phone, Skype or in person.

You can find all the information about electronic signature via DocuSign on our separate DocuSign FAQ webpage.

Projects & Education

Depending on your qualifications and professional interests, you will work in a suitable project, either in a project team at the customer’s site or in one of our branches. The business manager responsible for you will accompany you from the start of the project and during the familiarisation phase to help you integrate into the existing team.

Our employees work on projects in Germany. In some cases we also look for employees to start a project abroad immediately. More information can be found in our job board. If you would like to start directly with another ALTEN Group company abroad, please apply to the respective company. Further information can be found on the website of our parent company ALTEN Group.

ALTEN accompanies you from the beginning of your individual career path and sets the foundation for successful personal and professional advancement. You may receive professional training individually tailored to the needs of the project or your field of work.

Pupils & Students

We offer apprenticeships for business and information technology, mainly at the headquarters in Coburg or Munich. If we are looking for help in this direction, we will make it clear. For this reason, please apply only for the listed jobs and not on your own initiative. We usually do not offer student internships or summer jobs.

We are regularly looking for working students and interns, mainly in the fields of engineering or IT, but also for our headquarters. You will find additional information on the page students and our vacancies in our job board.