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The automotive sector is one of the world’s largest industries and is a highly complex market characterised by constant challenges and technological innovations.  

Automotive firms need to spend more on new technologies such as connectivity, driving automation, shared mobility, electrification. Simultaneously they need to continue investing in ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) technologies for efficiency, reducing emissions for a few more years. Also, they need to plan other technology investments as lightweight, hydrogen, more safety, security, and other new features. 

Driving towards the future: the automotive industry’s race for innovation and cost optimisation

The profound changes affecting the automotive industry as well as the high competitiveness of the sector, and the need to optimise costs have led manufacturers to accelerate the pace of innovation and minimise product time-to-market. 

After the health crisis, governments launched massive investment plans to support the development of electric and hydrogen technologies and the associated services and infrastructure. 

Several digital giants (e.g. Apple, Foxconn, Xiaomi) have confirmed the launch of their electric car projects. Today, Tesla’s stock market valuation exceeds that of all other manufacturers combined. 

In order to remain competitive, traditional manufacturers and their suppliers are moving to control their value chain: relocation of strategic production (batteries, semi-conductors, etc.) and internalisation of software development related to smart mobility. 

ALTEN, a major player in the automotive sector

ALTEN supports its customers in the industry’s priority challenges, including 

  • Autonomy: secured and connected 
  • The Customer: intuitiveness and comfort 
  • Mobility: shared and globalized 
  • The Economy: a vector of sustainability 
  • Society: low carbon 

Our know-how in automotive engineering, the quality of our project management methodologies (CMMI level 3 since 2013) and the performance of our international R&D structures position us as a technological partner. 

ALTEN in the automotive industry

680 M€

2022 turnover


consultants en 2022



Functional sectors covered by alten

Main OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Design, Architecture  
  • Body In White  
  • Chassis, Brakes & Steering  
  • Automate Vehicle Functions 
  • Multimedia & Connectivity  
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Synthesis 
  • Powertrain System (thermal)  
  • Hybrid & Electrical Vehicle  
  • Process Engineering, Smart Factory 
  • Logistic and Supply Chain  
  • PMO, Quality, Training 
  • Infrastructures 
Main Tiers’1
  • ADAS  
  • Cockpit  
  • In Vehicle Infotainement (IVI)  
  • Engine Control (Thermal / PHEV / EV)  
  • Interior Equipments  
  • Exterior Equipments  
  • Process Engineering, Smart Factory 
  • PMO, Quality, Training  
  • Infrastructures 

Our clients

Automotive Manufacturers

  • BMW AG 
  • Ford 
  • General Motors 
  • Honda 
  • Jaguar Land Rover 
  • Mercedes-Benz 
  • Renault-Nissan 
  • Stellantis 
  • Toyota 
  • Groupe Volkswagen 
  • Groupe Volvo  

Automotive Suppliers

  • Aptiv 
  • Autoliv 
  • Bosch  
  • Continental AG 
  • Mbition 
  • Magna 
  • Magneti Marelli 
  • Forvia 
  • Seoyon 
  • Valeo 
  • ZF 

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