ALTEN Automotive Embedded Software Conference 2023 – Exchange, discussion and networking of our professionals


What is the ALTEN Automotive Embedded Software Conference?

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, ALTEN successfully hosted the third edition of the Automotive Embedded Software Conference, where specialists, experts, cluster, and project managers met to present and discuss topics of current and future importance to the automotive industry and to jointly discuss innovations for the future of the industry

The event, which took place both on-site at Motorworld Region Stuttgart in Böblingen and in hybrid form online, brought together a total of more than 100 participants from Germany, Romania, Morocco, and India.

The presentations of our experts

During the conference, participants had the opportunity to network and share their industry knowledge on various topics such as machine learning, time analysis of software systems for cars, high-speed motorcycle technology and outsourcing of requirement engineering.

Keynote speaker and group leader for building systems engineering, Dr. Michael Böhm from the University of Stuttgart, began with an introduction of machine learning and more particularly behavioral models and artificial intelligence, and then led into the various presentations.

ALTEN Senior Project Leader Lukas Krawczyk spoke on the topic of time analysis of software systems for cars. According to him, “electronic control units can efficiently and quickly process different tasks simultaneously, even though they are faced with several complex problems at the same time that become more complicated over time. Planning, scheduling and testing can grow into a real challenge as a result.”

Lukas Krawczyk – ALTEN Senior Project Leader

In the afternoon, Senior Project Leaders Carsten Breuer and Florian Weiss gave an insight into the devices and technology of high-speed motorcycles. “It’s obvious that 20,000 strokes per minute and 300 km/h brings precise technology and safety issues” they said. They emphasized the difference between early development – with freedom to develop – and later entry into a project – with strict rules that must be followed.

The event was closed by Senior Specialist Christian Resch together with our ALTEN Specialist Stefan Meerwald and ALTEN Project Director Alexander Zwanzig with topics around automotive software engineering in practice.

“Software engineering means teamwork, which can only work with good planning. But what do we mean by that? It means that if one task in the planning is not executed properly or is delayed, there can be repercussions for all the other tasks. And those then can’t be executed properly and get delayed as well.” Finally, they explained how language barriers between users and software developers can be bridged: “It’s all a matter of proper communication.” Stefan Meerwald

Stefan Meerwald – ALTEN Specialist

The opinion of the participants

“What I really appreciated, besides the quality of the presentations, was the excellent venue of the conference, where I could socialize with other ALTEN colleagues. The academic touch was also very pleasant (in relation to the presentation of the colleague from the University of Stuttgart).” – Saad Bin ABID (Senior Consultant)

“I have been working at ALTEN GmbH since April 2023. In my last full-time job, I only participated in corporate training programs, so I was really excited for this conference. It was a good opportunity to get to know colleagues from other locations in Germany, their daily work routine and (for international colleagues) their culture.” – Emmanuel Rajapandi (Engineering Consultant)

“Numerous presentations with technical and inspiring perspectives and a welcoming atmosphere for networking with key players in our field.” – Andre Rainer REGER (Senior Project Leader)

We would like to thank all participants and speakers for their commitment and the shared knowledge. We are proud to be part of this community and look forward to next year with more future-driven discussions.