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Space exploration is one of humanity’s most exciting and daring endeavors. Since Galilee’s use of the telescope in the 17th century to the recent SpaceX human space flights, space has captivated the imagination of people around the world.

With new technologies and innovations, the possibilities for exploration are endless, and the potential for discovery is boundless.

Private sector flies into space

The private sector’s enthusiasm for space continues to boost the sector and will democratise new applications (space travel, satellite imagery, internet via satellite, data processing, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.). The current geopolitical context triggers new developments and innovations regarding the space defense strategy.

After the success of the American New Space (Space X, Blue Origin, etc.), it is now Europe’s turn to encourage the development of the private sector. Partnerships are increasing between the ESA and traditional industries companies and start‑ups.

In the same time, the space industry is accompanying states in the protection of the cosmos and space assets, through new technologies and cybersecurity.

ALTEN, your key partner to cover the full scope of space development

ALTEN has a partnership history of over 20 years with the space industry’s leading stakeholders. We are an active participant in changing landscape, and a top supplier of satellite engineering and integration services. From spacecrafts to satellites, all the way to ground segment and downstream, ALTEN is involved in the complete value chain of the space sector. We support our customers throughout studies, development, manufacturing, integration, tests and operations as one of the top suppliers.

ALTEN in the space industy

65 M€

2022 turnover






domains of expertise in space : Launchers, satellites, ground operations

ALTEN’s functional sectors

Space launcher
  • Mechanical, Aerodynamics & Thermal Design and Analysis
  • Models, Studies, Calculations, Thermal, Aerodynamics
  • Configuration Management
  • Orbit determination & control
  • Ground means engineering
  • Verification & Validation
  • Industrialisation
  • Space systems Design & Validation: Thermal & Mechanical,
    Avionics, RF, Optical instruments AOCS
  • AIT: Procedures & Tests
  • Flight Software: development & validation
Ground segment
  • System & network administrator, DB
  • Design infrastructure & IVV
  • Space-Ground communication
  • Preparation & Support of flight operations
  • Data processing (scientific algorithms, infrastructure, valorisation)
  • Test sequences, synoptics and tools development


Space manufacturer & equipment supplier

Airbus D&S, Thales Alenia Space

Launch industry

ArianeGroup, United Launch Alliance…

Space agency



OneWeb, Hemeria, Absolut Senging, Kinéis, Exotrail…