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The railway industry has been undergoing a massive transformation in recent years and has shown a strong resilience during the Covid-19 crisis, demonstrating its significance. As the world continues to move rapidly towards digitization, large-scale mobility solutions are being reinvented to meet the growing demand for efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation. The mobility sector is no exception, and is undergoing a transformation as new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, are making their way into the market. 

Railway modernisation for a greener future: enhancing capacity and reducing emissions

The rise of digital technology and the emergence of new mobility paradigms are revolutionizing the way people move in the 21st century. This transformation is exemplified by the increased efficiency, interoperability, and regularity of rail networks in developing countries.. Increasing urbanisation, combined with the desire to reduce CO2 emissions, is leading public players and major companies to invest massively in rail transport, focus on renewable energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and promote eco-friendly practices. As for railway operators, they are making increasing the capacity of existing lines their priority by modernising the signalling systems (CBTC, ERTMS, etc.). At the same time, manufacturers are experimenting with different solutions (batteries, hydrogen and, hybrid material) to replace diesel engines and thus decarbonise non-electrified lines. 

ALTEN, your strong engineering partner to support you

ALTEN has a partnership history of over 30 years with the railway industry’s leading stakeholders. In this quest for competitiveness & quality, ALTEN, as major engineering supplier of the sector, has a key role to play together with infrastructure managers, transport authorities, transport operators & industrial suppliers of railway systems. ALTEN is proactive in developing the rail industry & is heavily involved in innovative projects across four different domains: rolling stock, signalling systems, infrastructure, customer experience & digital.  

ALTEN in the Railway sector

100 M€

2022 turnover






domains of expertise in Railway: Rolling-stock, Signalling, Infrastructure, Services & IT

Our publications

Innovating for greener mobility & a transport industry 4.0

Digital transformation is opening up new horizons for rethinking mobility, making it more sustainable and facilitating travel. To support these changes, ALTEN draws on the skills of its historic transport businesses to carry out increasingly innovative research projects and design the transport systems of the future.

ALTEN’s areas of expertise covered by ALTEN 

Rolling stock
  • Interiors & bodyshell 
  • Train architecture & subsystems – TCMS 
  • Power modules & braking systems 
  • Tests, validation & commissioning 
  • Manufacturing, supply chain & quality 
  • Train maintenance & overhaul 
Signalling/Systems (ERTMS, CBTC, etc.)
  • On board units 
  • Human Machine Interface 
  • Trackside 
  • Supervision 
  • Interlocking 
  • Telecoms & low voltage 
  • Civil engineering & tracks 
  • Power & electrification 
  • Project engineering 
  • Digital, IoT 
Services & IT
  • Telecoms (4G, 5G) 
  • Mobile application & embedded services 
  • Real time passenger information systems 
  • Ticketing & retail 
  • Data analysis & governance  
  • Cloud & Infrastructure 

Our Clients

Rail industry

Alstom, Hitachi Rail, Siemens Mobility, Stadler Rail, Wabtec Corporation…

Railway operators

RATP, SNCF Voyageurs

Infrastructure Managers

Getlink, RATP Infrastructures, SNCF Réseau

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