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The defence, security, and naval industries play vital roles in ensuring the safety, protection, and stability of nations around the world.

These industries encompass a wide range of activities, technologies, and organizations dedicated to maintaining national defence capabilities and safeguarding territorial waters.

These industries often collaborate closely with governments and defence agencies to ensure preparedness, enhance capabilities, and adapt to evolving security challenges in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

An uncertain geopolitical context

The global geopolitical context is currently in a very bad state. After two decades of counterterrorism, military powers are preparing for the return of inter-state ‘high intensity conflict’. Benefiting from unprecedented budgetary efforts, the defence industry must accelerate the development of equipment programs (air combat, naval, space and cyber, etc.) adapted to this new context. At the same time, the sector must acquire new skills (data, robotization, etc.) to anticipate technological breakthroughs. 

From airspace to digital space: the new challenges of homeland security

The collapse of air traffic and national lockdowns have reduced internal security activities in most countries. But at the same time, the accelerating shift to remote working has exposed many organizations to cyber-attacks. The giants of the sector are now positioning themselves in the key areas of security in the digital space, foremost among which are the Cloud and digital identity. This investment is accompanied by numerous initiatives to overcome the shortage of IT and cybersecurity skills: partnerships with software firms, dedicated training programs, etc. 

ALTEN, your partner for Defence & Security projects

The ALTEN Group supports the digital transformation of its clients by working on the dimension of technological information. ALTEN works in Defence Engineering for the development of aircraft, combat vehicles, and advanced embedded systems. ALTEN also participates in the design of ships and submarines as part of its expertise in naval defence systems. ALTEN supports its clients and governments on the securing identities’ data, biometrics & connectivity solutions.

ALTEN in the Defence, Naval & Security industries

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Defence & Naval

Airbus Group, Leonardo, Dassault Aviation, Naval Group, Saab, Nexter, General Dynamics…Safran Group, Thales Group, MBDA, Honeywell, Rheinmetall…


Airbus D&S, Safran Group, Thales DIS, IDEMIA, Orange Groupe…

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