Application Guide

Tips for your application

Application Procedure

Online application

You will need to submit an impressive application and successfully pass at least two job interviews before you will be able to start in your dream job at ALTEN. You can apply online in response to vacancies advertised on our job board while we also welcome speculative applications. If we find your application to be persuasive and suitable, we will invite you to take part in an introductory interview.

Introductory interview, in-depth interview and final interview

The purpose of the first interview is twofold: first of all to present you the company, our organization and activities, but also to let you the opportunity to present your qualifications and career ambitions. Assuming expectations on both sides align, we will invite you to a second interview with a different interviewer. He will come back on some main information provided during your first interview. He will present you some projects or opportunities where you can start in the company. Directly after the second interview or during a third one, we may discuss about the detail of your start in the company.

Application Documents


We prefer it if applications are submitted using our online job application form. Please make sure that attachments do not exceed a maximum size of 4 MB. To ensure you provide all the documentation we require, you will need to supply:

  • Your cover letter
  • Your CV
  • Your qualification certificates
  • Any letters of recommendation you may hold

Your cover letter

Make sure you make concrete reference to the job vacancy that interests you in the subject line. If you are sending an unsolicited application you should also make reference to this in the subject line. Please address your cover letter to the contact person specified in the job vacancy ad. This will ensure that we will be able to entrust your application directly to the relevant recruiter.

Provide a summary of your professional activities and experience to date so that we can see what skills you already have. Also supply a short (no more than one A4 page in length) but enlightening description of yourself that will awaken our interest in meeting you. You should answer the following questions in your cover letter:

  • Why are you applying for a job at ALTEN?
  • Why are you applying for this particular job and what qualifies you to work in this post?
  • How will ALTEN benefit if we decide to employ you?
  • What else do we need to know that might influence our decision (your availability, salary expectations, etc.)?

Your CV

Your CV should be in tabular form and should provide a clearly structured overview of your education and previous professional activities. Start with the latest aspect that is significant and work back to the very earliest stage of your CV. Make certain that you include any activities that are relevant to the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Also provide descriptions in keyword form of your practical experience (projects, research papers, internships). Any form of practical experience can be important if you are just starting out on your career and can prove to be of benefit to you in the application process.

Your qualifications

Our tip for career starters – any form of professional experience can be relevant to your application. References from organisations for which you have worked (even while you were still a student) or where you completed an internship can tell us a lot about your personality. Supplement your application with certificates that show your job-relevant practical experience and your latest/foremost qualification.

Introductory Interview

Initial telephone contact

The first contact is usually with one of our recruiters. By phone, we will discuss about your expectations and ask you for some administrative question (availability date, mobility…). Afterward we arrange a second interview. If we call you at an inconvenient time, we will arrange a more suitable appointment for you.

Interview preparation

Think about how to respond to questions about why you think you are the suitable person for ALTEN, about your strengths and about what aspects of your CV qualify you for the job. Be prepared to demonstrate your language skills at any time.

Possible questions in the interview

  • Could you briefly introduce yourself and give us more information on the various aspects listed in your CV?
  • What know how and skills have you obtained at university/through your previous professional employment?
  • In what sort of sector would you like to work?
  • Could you describe your experience in English?
  • Why would you like to work for ALTEN?
  • What are your professional goals?
  • What are your expectations with regard to salary?

Your technical profile

If you are applying for the post of an engineering consultant at ALTEN, you will need to bring with you to the initial interview a technical profile that demonstrates your professional background, your skills and know how. This profile will be required in addition to your CV and will be used to promote you in-house as a consultant and to introduce you to clients.

Telephone interview and face-to-face introductory interview

We employ a two- or three-phase application procedure and select candidates on the basis of a multiple-eye principle. The three interviews will be conducted by different managers so that we have sufficient information on your personality and skills to make a decision on the basis of objective criteria. The introductory interview may be conducted by phone, skype meeting or in face to face.

You will find all open job offers in our job board. Start your ALTENative career now!