Software Tester

What does a Software Tester do?

Software testers, often referred to as software testing engineers, are responsible for quality assurance in the software development process. They can support the development process throughout all stages of testing and are an integral component of agile development. The extensive range of tasks performed by a software tester includes:

  • Designing and planning the test strategy and test concept
  • Examining the requirements and checking the testability and clarity
  • Planning, creating and maintaining test cases
  • Preparing the tools and data for the test
  • Planning and administration of the test environment
  • Test automation
  • Test implementation
  • Test evaluation
  • Error detection and analysis

In order to cover this diverse array of tasks, in addition to manual testers there are software testers with various specialisations:

  • Test Analyst – system analysis, planning and implementation of test cases
  • Technical Test Analyst – development support through white-box test methods
  • Test Manager – monitoring and control of the test process
  • Test Automator – automation of test cases through programs or scripts

Software testers work very closely with the people from the development and user requirement side and have high communication skills and teamwork capacity. They have a high level of knowledge about test methods and the system to be tested, and are closely involved in both development and the area of specialisation in order to ensure product quality. Our testers are helped by certification as an ISTQB Certified Tester.

Jobs & Application

See all our jobs for software testers in our job board. For any questions regarding the application, our application guide will provide further information.