The cloud as a driving force for digital transformation

The health crisis that has had the whole world in its grasp since 2020 once again illustrates how important it is for every company to implement digital transformation successfully. In this context, the companies try to position themselves correspondingly so as to be prepared for future challenges such as making information systems agile, providing for digital sustainability, and financially controlling IT resources.

An important prerequisite for this is that companies can rely on the players who bring along the required expertise and experience to provide effective support and guidance in the implementation of such substantial changes.

ALTEN supports its customers in the implementation of the following projects: the successful integration and migration to the cloud and in particular the management of the new, cloud-based model of their IT systems.

The key steps on the way to the cloud

In this context, some significant steps have to be taken to meet customer requirements and position oneself as an expert in this field. Initially, the necessary basis must be established to master the challenges brought about by the cloud with regard to security, governance, financial control and – last but not least – identity management.

The consultants must then be made familiar with their new responsibilities (cloud, DevOps, automation) which they require to support the companies in their digital transformation. In the next step, this new offer must be structured so as to develop a functional operating model that can be adapted to the new functions created by the cloud.

The solution offered by ALTEN consists of the development of an SRE concept (Site Reliability Engineering), which is based on DevOps services when it comes to manage and optimise the applications in the cloud.

ALTEN’s solution – specially tailored to customer requirements

ALTEN is enabled to share with its partners its comprehensive expertise regarding Microsoft, Google or also Amazon in order to ensure that the migration to the cloud will be successful and at the same time can offer comprehensive advice as to the management of the existing infrastructure. This digital transformation with regard to the cloud is of utmost importance today and carries real potential for more agility, flexibility and improved security of the IT infrastructure.

Cross-sectoral positioning and extensive know-how in the field of cloud migration enables ALTEN to offer its customers practical solutions that are specially adapted to the companies’ vertical requirements so as to keep abreast with this fast-paced, dynamic global development. Furthermore, ALTEN can resort to the expertise of its subsidiaries, e.g. LINCOLN (specialising in data management) and UNIWARE (focussing on cloud and DevOps skills).

ALTEN is enhancing its expertise

Currently, ALTEN is analysing different mechanisms that could be valuable assets to this project such as various monitoring tools, in order to ensure that the budgets assigned are utilised correctly, or consulting tools for selecting the suitable cloud architecture, in order to provide for an optimised resource usage in the medium term.

Moreover, ALTEN has pursued a CSR approach for many years and actively engages in raising public awareness of the impacts of digitisation on the environment. In light of this, both in the field of innovations and the provision of services offered by the Group, ALTEN is focusing on practical solutions supporting its customers in achieving digital sustainability: monitoring the ecological footprint, providing support in optimising the resource usage of applications, controlling the utilisation of IT resources and lots more.

The cloud is the future and already reality for numerous companies of today: therefore, it requires careful handling and powerful support, thus ensuring that the customers of the ALTEN Group will successfully master all challenges and tasks faced by a modern corporation which is subject to a drastic paradigm shift. ALTEN will support you on this way and creates practical and innovative offers in the fields of SRE, FinOps and Green IT (link to eco design / green coding).

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