Merger between Quick Release GmbH and ALTEN GmbH

ALTEN GmbH and Quick Release: a successful merger

In July 2019, ALTEN GmbH acquired shares in Quick Release (Automotive) Ltd. Today we decided to go one step further and merge Quick Release GmbH, a company specialized in product data management, with ALTEN GmbH. With this step we can offer our customers even more services from one source.

With the entry in the commercial register on April 14, 2023, all contractual rights and obligations of Quick Release GmbH are automatically transferred to ALTEN GmbH.

New opportunities for the coming years

This merger will enable Quick Release to more fully leverage the ALTEN Group’s positioning to accelerate the diversification of its PDM offering into additional market sectors and geographies. The combined expertise of both companies adds significant value and opens up opportunities in a wider context, in particular through access to a larger market and to new projects. With unified processes and tools based on the ALTEN GmbH model, we will create a simplified structure for the smooth flow of each individual’s work. This step is also a rewarding development for all employees, as it offers new career and growth opportunities within the group.