Location Hamburg

Hamburg offers everything you need for a succesfull engineering career!
Living & working

The city is our main location of ALTEN Technology in northern Germany. In total, around 600 employees work in Hamburg. We are located on two sides of the city to be close to our business activities. In the northern part of the city our headquarter is located in the district Bahrenfeld, which is close to the airport and its industry. In the southern part of the city, in Finkenwerder, our offices are close to our customers.


The new office is located in an attractive commercial and residential area in a convenient location with direct access to the A7 freeway and the Bahrenfeld S-Bahn station. This makes it ideally accessible from the entire Hamburg city area as well as from the surrounding region. Our offices in Finkenwerder can be reached by various means. For example, by ferry to the Rüschpark station, or by bus 150 to Nordmeerstraße.

Interesting facts & free time

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and in the heart of the north. The city offers a variety of cultural activities like no other big city in the country. Besides swimming and relaxing on the beach of the Elbe and the Alster, the nightlife offers many possibilities to celebrate and sit together with friends and family. In addition, there is a large number of multicultural restaurants, pubs and stores. It never gets boring in Hamburg!

With a high number of large companies, Hamburg is the right place for a successful career in engineering. Especially in aerospace and software development. The media and cosmetics industries are also strongly represented and thus have everything ready for a successful career.


ALTEN Technology Headquarter
Gasstraße 18 / Haus 4
22761 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 822123600

ALTEN Technology Finkenwerder
Hein-Saß-Weg 36
21129 Hamburg