Location Mannheim

ALTEN realizes a multitude of exciting projects in the city of inventors based on the large number of industries located there
Living & working

Fittingly, the ALTEN GmbH office in Mannheim is located near the Technoseum, the State Museum of Technology and Work. Most of the employees are technicians or engineers.

A delivery service brings daily lunch and snacks such as wraps, salads, soups and sandwiches directly into the building. If you want to take a short walk, there is a bakery within a few minutes walking distance as well as various restaurants and shops.


The bus and tram stops, Planetarium and Technoseum Süd, are only a five and two minute-walk away, and thus guarantee easy use of public transport.

By car, the office is only three minutes from the Mannheim junction (A6 and A656). In general, Mannheim has very good long-distance transport connections, whether on land, water or rail.

Interesting facts & free time

Due to its ideal location between Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart, Mannheim is a major industrial and commercial city, in which numerous innovative companies are located. Back in the 19th century, elementary inventions were produced here including the first bicycle, the first electric elevator, and the first automobile of Carl Benz. Therefore, many people here still work in the electrical engineering and mechanical engineering industries today. In addition, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical sector have a strong representation. The people of Mannheim like to spend their free time at the Luisenpark, which is ideally located near to the office.


Dynamostraße 3
68165 Mannheim
Tel.: +49 621 399938-70