Requirements Engineer

What does a Requirements Engineer do?

As the link between stakeholders and developers, a requirements engineer ascertains the required specifications for the software to be created, using various information-gathering techniques such as interviews, questionnaires or creativity approaches. After ascertaining the requirements, these must be analysed, structured and prioritised to ensure that there are no contradictory requirements and that the stakeholders’ priorities are taken into account. It is especially important to consider all the marginal conditions, the technical aspects and the relevant standards, and to comply with these.

Another key task is to specify the requirements, i.e. to place the requirements within a predetermined structure, for example “requirement templates”, so that it is perfectly clear to everyone what the proposed software is meant to do. The requirements engineer is also responsible for consistent integration of the requirements (feasibility) and for changes to the requirements.

For the sake of better understanding, specified requirements can be expanded with models by means of UML, eEPK or BPMN. Finally, a product requirements document and/or a functional specifications document is created, along with technical specs.

Jobs & Application

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