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ALTEN offers its customers crucial support, expertise, and know-how for challenging projects at every stage. Regardless of the subject area – whether increasing production rates, modern digitalization, electrification, developing innovative functions and technologies for aircraft or promoting sustainability.

Our technical expertise in the areas of systems engineering, aircraft structure, real-time electronics and software, production technology and more, complemented by our digital expertise in big data, cloud technologies and network solutions, enables us to manage projects competently and position ourselves as a reliable partner.

Together, we are building the future of aviation. In doing so, we develop innovative solutions to master the challenges of aviation technology and lead the industry into a promising future. ALTEN, your key to excellence in aviation technology.

Market trends

Aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors must increase the pace of production to meet the raise in air traffic and the modernisation of existing fleets. They are preparing the aircraft of the future, more fuel-efficient, quieter, less polluting and smart, by privileging incremental innovation (addition of new features to the existing product) rather than the launch of a new project from A to Z.


  • Introduce new materials and new manufacturing techniques (e.g.: 3D printing)
  • Digitalisation
  • Integrate electric propulsion (hybrid propulsion, electric drive mode etc.)
  • Increase production rates
  • Control supply on all production lines

The digital transformation requires the deployment of new technologies (Big Data, IoT, augmented reality etc.) at the factory and supply chain levels to improve product quality while optimizing production costs.


  • Deploy processes, tools, methods and technologies of Industrie 4.0
  • Acquire and integrate new skills (digital, data science, networks etc.)
  • Increase production rates
  • Control supply on all production lines

Airline customers are becoming more and more demanding. They are expected high levels of comfort, even on long-haul single aisle flights, and advanced in-flight entertainment and connectivity.


  • Provide high-performance in-flight connectivity
  • Standardise cabin elements across different aircraft
  • Find innovative ways to increase cabin density without compromising comfort

In order to meet the challenges of global warming, public health and reducing dependence on fossil energy resources, the aeronautics sector faces a significant challenge becoming carbon neutral by continuing to reduce fuel consumption through performance improvements and by accelerating development on electrical and hybrid Aircraft.


  • Integration of high-power batteries
  • Thermal management and heat dissipation
  • Weight optimisation and integration of new technologies

The aeronautics sector intends to take advantage of digital transformation to optimize its internal processes by adopting an end-to-end approach (engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, decision-making, etc.) and create new services, a source of additional revenue.

Aircraft manufacturers believe that they will be able to develop an aircraft twice as quickly thanks to digital continuity (with new PLM approach). Big data techniques (like the AIRBUS SKYWISE platform), are already used by several manufacturers and airlines, with more than a thousand connected aircrafts and a declared objective of “zero Aircraft on the Ground”.


  • Ability to combine business knowledge and digital skills
  • Structure and interconnect data sources in order to make them usable
  • Successfull management of change in the company (scaled agile, end to end…)

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