Market Trends

New private actors and the miniaturisation of electronics have shaken up access to space. The market has switched quickly from “custom-built” satellites worth more than €100 million with an operational lifespan of 15 years to mass-produced satellites made each week, costing just tens of thousands of euros and lasting between 3 and 5 years.


  • Implement serial production of satellites
  • Avoid the risk of collision in orbit
  • Preserving the space environment and addressing the problem of space debris

Launching a satellite can account for nearly a third of the overall cost. In this context, reducing launch costs is a key factor of competitiveness in the space sector.


  • Speed up time to market of new launchers
  • Set up a production system clocked and in series
  • Study the solutions of reusable launchers / micro-launchers

As one of the largest collectors of environmental and climate data, the space sector wants to share and make accessible its data and above all monetise it by creating new services with added value (i.e. agricultural harvest predictions).


  • Master new IT technologies (Cloud, Big Data, AI, etc.)
  • Transform the industrial and economic model
  • Rethinking the ground segment’s IT architecture
  • Make data easily accessible to end users


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