Tales of Women: Anna, Service Centre Manager

Testimony of Anna, Service Centre Manager at ALTEN

After starting out on a scientific path as an R&D Neuroscience Engineer and with a PhD in this discipline, Anna was hesitating between moving towards innovation engineering or becoming a university lecturer. After 3 months of training, she discovered the COBOL computer programming language, which is used particularly in the field of insurance and banking. She worked first as a Development Engineer for a banking client before becoming an ALTEN Application Manager for Natixis and then a Project Management Officer as a Service Centre Manager.

Management, Performance and Interpersonal Skills

As Service Centre Manager and ALTEN Site Representative, Anna is responsible for the performance of her department and pays careful attention to client feedback with a view to continuous improvement. “I am the point of contact for clients and I am the link between them, their projects and our consultants,” explains Anna. She works in five different areas with multiple application projects. This involves collecting incoming requests from clients, analysing the expected technical response and the time needed to achieve it.

“The interpersonal aspect requires particular agility”. Anna’s role is very strategic in ensuring that the mission is in line with the skills of the consultants and that they will be able to fulfil the client’s expectations. “We regularly set aside time for discussion which helps me to understand the consultants’ expectations and issues”. Over the years Anna has found ways to better adapt her management style according to the people she is working with.

Behind the scenes of banking apps

“I have an appetite for learning, and better understanding certain general-use technologies is what drives my everyday work,” explains Anna. Her teams do a lot of work on Natixis Payment solutions or management of currencies and their fluctuations in order to update data in real time.

Another area that she works in is in factoring by means of solutions that facilitate the processing of bank invoices and accelerate the sharing of information with the client. Anna has always liked innovation, and managing multiple projects as a PMO constantly satisfies her curiosity.

There are several options open to Anna as she continues her career such as becoming a Project Director, possibly in a new sector such as Aeronautics or Telecommunications. It is thanks to her perseverance that she is currently doing the work that she enjoys. “You need to believe in yourself and your skills if you want to achieve your goals,” states Anna. She says there is no greater work than helping society to progress.

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