Tales of Women: Eléonore, C#/Angular Developer at ALTEN


Testimony of Eléonore, C#/Angular Developer at ALTEN

Geology or computer science? Such were the options that Eléonore wavered between at the end of her secondary education. What made her decide?

“Computer science offers the possibility of working on geology and many other subjects more generally… however, the opposite isn’t always easy! I therefore chose computer science to open as many doors as possible!”

Following studies between Polytech Lille and Québec, Eléonore specialised in this field and began her career with software development in identity and access management (IAM). However, Eléonore decided to start by adding another aspect to her daily work as a developer: to give meaning to her code, and more precisely to put it at the service of the average person to make their daily life easier.

“It’s a family affair” she adds: “My parents both went to the same engineering school in computer science and yet they have different jobs that are no less useful to society in each of their fields: my father is a computer engineer for ticketing systems, which are used to validate transport tickets, and my mother is a computer engineer for the optimisation of air traffic in Europe. I also wanted to have a positive impact on the world I live in!”

Democratising the use of electric vehicles

When ALTEN proposed an assignment to Eléonore for a top-up service for electric vehicles, she immediately found the interest she was looking for.

“The electric vehicle is booming, it’s a project for the future, more respectful of the environment. In working on a subject like this, I also feel that I am contributing to a form of innovation: developing top-up systems for electric vehicles means finding solutions to make it easier for users to recharge. The simpler the system, the more it will win over not only future purchasers of electric vehicles, but also the local authorities, who will invest in setting up the appropriate infrastructure. I like to think that I am participating, in my own way, in the democratisation of this new use.”

In concrete terms, the principle of use of this service developed by Eléonore and its teams consists of the user, thanks to a subscription system, signing on to a dedicated terminal to be able to top-up his or her electric vehicle. This action creates a communication with the software developed by the developers, which processes the information received and enables all the interactions between the user and the terminal to take place. On a day-to-day basis, this means that Eléonore develops new functions to be implemented in the software connected to the charging stations.

“Just one click”: the secret of the magic formula

Underlying this very simple gesture, which consists of the user signing on to a charging station to start recharging his electric vehicle in a few seconds, is a reasoning that has fascinated Eléonore since she was very young. “I always find it fascinating to realise that what we are developing can be summed up in the magic formula “in one click” for the user. At the touch of a button, thousands of lines of code and calculations are executed to implement the exact scenario that was planned and that leads, in this case, to the vehicle’s top-up.”

To achieve such a result, Eléonore constantly analyses and optimises the code she develops, like an investigator looking for clues to understand and solve the causes of this or that malfunction in the software. “I have always enjoyed this thinking process, I think it is closely linked to my rather inquisitive personality. And as a developer, my curiosity is satisfied every day! You learn all the time while coding. The code I wrote 6 months ago is not the same as the code I write today, it evolves and improves.”

Eléonore is also a follower of good practices around the code, to code always more efficiently and “less energy consuming”! This interest motivates her to one day become a software architect, to focus more on building code, defining its use and understanding the technical functioning of the IT tools she uses.

But before she gets there, Eléonore is relishing the first very encouraging results of her work on the project: “Our service manager went to test the top-up of his electric vehicle for the first time on a terminal connected to the software we developed. It didn’t work immediately… But it only took us 20 minutes to fix the problem remotely! Tests will be carried out on a larger scale in the months to come, and we hope to develop the system further.” Satisfaction with the work done and the direct application that it can have in the daily life of users… objective achieved for Eléonore!

Friendly advice from Eléonore

“Read the user manual: the answer to a given problem is always there! In other words, when faced with a problem, always proceed step by step, understand its origin and proceed in a logical way.”

Rapid fire question: Team project or solo mission?

“Team project! A code is always more efficient when it is fed by everyone’s good ideas. Contrary to popular belief, being a developer is anything but a solitary job!”

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