Successful TISAX® certification again for ALTEN

TISAX® certification: ALTEN offers highest information security for the automotive industry

ALTEN has been awarded the TISAX® Level 3 label (protection class “very high”) for the second time since the beginning of March 2023. TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a strict security standard label and is considered the international benchmark for information security in the automotive industry. The successful certification is an important cornerstone for us as a company that works on numerous projects with partners from the automotive industry.

It reflects that we, as a digitalisation partner, offer our customers security and confidentiality at the highest level and fulfil all requirements for information security in the automotive industry. This includes measures to protect against cyber attacks and security breaches as well as compliance with industry-specific regulations and guidelines.

Die Sicherheit unserer Systeme und Prozesse kontinuierlich verbessern

Steffen Wurzel, Head of Information Security at ALTEN underlines: “For many automotive manufacturers and suppliers, the TISAX certification is an important prerequisite for being able to work with us. We are very proud to have received the TISAX label again, because it confirms that we are doing justice to our customers, especially in the automotive industry, and that we offer the highest level of information security. We have worked to continuously improve our processes to meet the highest security standards required by the industry.”

The rigorous information security assessment process was conducted by independent auditors. It took into account the requirements of the automotive industry, as well as general standards and best practices related to information security, such as ISO 27001.

ALTEN works with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Going forward, we will continue to invest in the security of our systems and processes to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest levels of security and confidentiality at all times.