ALTEN Technology GmbH relocates

ALTEN in northern Germany expands: ALTEN Technology GmbH relocates

Larger, more modern and more central: The headquarters of ALTEN Technology GmbH in Hamburg completed a change of scenery on April 1st, 2023 and moved within the Hanseatic city to Gasstraße 18 in the district of Bahrenfeld.

With this move, we remain true to our home region: located and rooted in the Eidelstedt district since 2007, ALTEN Technology GmbH, formerly AEROTEC Engineering, is located in the western part of Hamburg and, with the move to Bahrenfeld, now moves more centrally from the northwest to the west of the city.

Dr. Marcel Klehr, Managing Director Northern Germany and Managing Director of ALTEN Technology GmbH, is pleased with the move, which is in line with the company’s growth: “The new location makes our headquarters much more attractive and provides sufficient space for further growth of our company. We look forward to being able to offer our employees at the headquarters even more modern workplaces, better opportunities for collaboration and an appealing environment in the middle of lively Bahrenfeld in the future.

New address of ALTEN Technology GmbH’s headquarters in Hamburg is:

ALTEN Technology GmbH
Gasstraße 18 / Haus 4
22761 Hamburg