ALTEN Group receives 2023 Bosch Global Supplier Award

ALTEN Group receives 2023 Bosch Global Supplier Award as a recognition of supplier excellence

ALTEN ranks globally among the best suppliers of Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, and therefore has been honoured with the Global Supplier Award in the category “Purchasing of indirect materials and services”, celebrating the Group’s contribution to its development and innovation as well as ALTEN’s commitment to the quality of service.

Since 1987, Bosch celebrates the outstanding achievements of its international supplier network with the Global Supplier Awards. For this year’s edition, Bosch selected 46 partners from 11 countries for an award out of its base of roughly 35,000 suppliers. Among the 2023 winners, ALTEN has won the award in the purchasing of indirect materials and services category based on a range of criteria. This is the 18th time that the Bosch Group has rewarded outstanding performance by its suppliers, notably as concerns quality, costs, sustainability, and innovation.

Dr. Arne Flemming,Head of Supply Chain Management at Bosch: “With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we honour our best suppliers. The recipients rank at the top of our global supplier base of some 35,000 companies. Supplier networks that help companies compete and innovate are crucial for the resilience of these companies. At Bosch, our awardees play a special part in our efforts to achieve this.”

Award ceremony – Bosch Global Supplier Award 2023

ALTEN and BOSCH´s business partnership started in 2015, earning Preferred Supplier status in 2021

“We’re very proud to have been recognized as a valuable supplier and for our outstanding performance. Receiving this award speaks to ALTEN´s commitment to supporting its customers’ development strategies in their fields of innovation, R&D and technological information systems. We are constantly reinforcing our possibilities to meet the demand of the customer and the current trends of the market. Only with an open mind, strong commitment to new approaches and professionals in their field a cooperation can thrive and stay competitive on a global scale”, says Pierre Marcel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at ALTEN and CEO at ALTEN Germany.

This award is a sign of appreciation for the efforts of our engineers, delivery, business teams and management to provide our partners with first class solutions and services at a global scale. Together with our Bosch counterparts, we have built a business relationship based on mutual trust, common goals, and the will to create outstanding results. This is an excellent foundation for our further cooperation. The award and the ideas exchanged during the event motivate us to further evolve our partnership, with a clear commitment to leverage our global engineering and IT capabilities to provide long-term, scalable solutions for Bosch developments and products.” Theodor Devolescu, Division Director, and Global Account Manager for Bosch.

From left to right: Jan Saggau (Vice President Indirect Purchasing bei Bosch), Dr. Arne Flemming (Head of Supply Chain Management bei Bosch), Pierre Marcel (Deputy Chief Executive Officer bei ALTEN) und Theodor Devolescu (Division Director & Global Account Manager für Bosch bei ALTEN)

About supplier partnerships at Bosch

Bosch relies on partners who share their ideas of long-term competitive objectives and the willingness to collaborate closely. ALTEN shares these aspects and supports Bosch in various business sectors. The trustful partnership between ALTEN and Bosch also strengthens global supply chain resilience and at the same time they form an important basis for other functioning economies.

Currently, the Bosch Group’s purchasing and logistics volume amounts to over 50 billion euros. Most of the purchases are of electronic and mechanical components, but Bosch also buys resale goods, software, services, capital goods, and operating equipment.


Created in 1988, ALTEN supports its customers’ development strategies in the areas of innovation, R&D and technological information systems.

ALTEN works with key actors in the Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Security & Naval, Automotive, Rail & Mobility, Energy & Environment, Life Sciences & Health, Industrial Equipment & Elec­tronics, Telecoms, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Services & Media, Public Services & Govern­ment sectors.

The Group has a workforce of more than 54,000 employees operating in 30+ countries, 88% of whom are engineers. Its 2022 turnover was €3,78 billion.