First Online Welcome Day 2021


The first days in a new job are always a challenge. New conditions, new colleagues, new procedures and rules …

That is why it is important for us to ensure a smooth start at ALTEN for every new team member. Therefore, we provide a welcome booklet, welcome mails and an introduction by the supervisor to guarantee a quick orientation. We also focus on strengthening the “we” feeling right from the beginning. New employees should be able to get to know each other personally, exchange ideas and build up a network within the company.

That’s why we are pleased about our first Welcome Day for new consultants and employees from the IT division, which took place last Thursday!

At the online event, our new employees gained insights and information about a wide range of areas within the company. From work systems to further development opportunities to the presentation of benefits. Of course, there was also plenty of opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences from the early days and network. In keeping with our feedback culture, each new employee also had the opportunity to evaluate topics directly. That”s an essential part of how we can improve our processes in the long term.

At this point once again: Welcome to the team and a good start at ALTEN!


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